Brothel scene, by Horemans (1700, c.)



Brothel scene, by Horemans (1700, c.)


Horemans the Elder, Jan Josef (1682-1759)


1700, c.


Full title: Bordellszene, die junge Frau bietet den im Hintergrund stehenden Freiern ein Glas Wein an, die Kupplerin umklammert mit einer erotischen Geste den Flaschenhals ("Brothel scene, the young woman offers the suitors standing in the background a glass of wine, the procuress clutching the neck of the bottle with an erotic gesture").

The painting represents a typical Celestinesque scene, in which a young woman, an old woman and a man are portrayed. The old woman acts as a procuress as one can see in the title.


Oil on wood.
Dimensions: 27 × 27 cm

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