Navigation and browsing help

CelestinaVisual was designed for simple, intuitive navigation. The most efficient way to navigate the site are the buttons of the main menu, which are always available at the top of all the screens within the program.

Use the back button in your browser to return to the previous page(s) you visited.

If you click on the logo at the top of a page, you will return to the starting homepage of CelestinaVisual.

When the cursor hovers over an image, you will see a brief description of the image. If you click on the image, a new screen will open with data and/or an enlarged version of the image.

The words in blue are links to other pages with more information.

You can run simple of advanced searches using the search button, which is always accessible at the top of the screen.

The site contains thousands of items, which can be understood as records or objects. Each item contains one or more images, and several fields (creator, date, source, etc.) with information about the image.

To the right of the item a there is a frame with information on how to cite the item, including its permanent URL. This information can be cut and pasted onto your documents or site.

The items are grouped in collections of related items. At the bottom of each record, you can see all the other images of the same collection. The items are also grouped in exhibits, which consist of a selection of items taken form one or several collections with features in common. Some items are connected through thematic tags that you can click on to navigate.

You can browse specific collections and exhibitions through the buttons on the main menu.

  • Book illustrations (including covers) of old (1499-1700) and modern editions (after 1700).  
  • Paintings depicting procuresses and other scenes related to Celestina.
  • Images of theatrical performances of Celestina.
  • Images of screen adaptations for television, cinema, video, etc.
  • Curiosities related to Celestina, which includes stamps, dolls, etc.

The button "About" will take you to a page with bibliography on the visual culture of Celestina and information about the Project that you may find useful, including the form to contact the editors.

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