The review board, by Rops (1880, c.)

The review board, by Rops (1880, c.)


The review board, by Rops (1880, c.)


Rops, Félicien (1833-1898)


1880, c.


Original title: Conseil de révision ("The review board").

From the series of Hundred Light Sketches (1878-1881).

In the picture there are four women in a room. Three of the women are young and are depicted naked, one of them is lying on the bed. Sitting on a chair and dressed is an old woman who can act as a procuress for the young women.


Private collection on deposit at the Felicien Rops Museum, Namur, Belgium:

Inventory number: GOOD D 007

Wikimedia Commons:,_Le,_BON_D_007.jpg


Pencil, ink and black chalk.
Dimensions: 13 × 16 cm

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