Gitanas, by Canals (1900, c.)

Gitanas, by Canals (1900, c.)


Gitanas, by Canals (1900, c.)


Canals, Ricardo (1876-1931)


1900, c.


In the image appear five young women dressed in a similar way. To the right appear three other figures, two men and a young woman, with a different aesthetic from that of the other young women. In the middle of the young women appears an old woman looking at the viewer and with a club. The old woman is reminiscent of celestina and in this representation she could act as the procuress for the other young women. The aesthetic of the painting is reminiscent of Goya's work and also has Japanese influences.


Mixed technique, waxes, graphite and watercolor on paper attached to cardboard.
Dimensions: 44 × 31 cm

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