Celestina as Mrs Lent, by anonymous (1886)

Celestina as Mrs Lent, by anonymous (1886)


Celestina as Mrs Lent, by anonymous (1886)






In the image appears an old woman reminiscent of Celestina with her head covered, holding a club and what looks like a rosary hanging from her hip. On the left is a human body with the head of a donkey and a guitar on his shoulder. On the donkey's head one can read "Carnival". By the title of the image (Carnaval y quaresma, "Carnival and Lent") it is understood that the donkey represents carnival and the woman represents Lent. The image recalls the tradition of Mr Carnival and Mrs Lent from The Book of Good Love. The text that appears in the image is as follows:

"Carnaval: - ¡Qué poch que m' hi divertit!...
Quaresma: - ¡Y qué has de divertirte, tanasi! Ja veurás ara que vé el meu temps com m' aprofitaré dels llanuts."

("Carnival: - How little fun I have had!...
Lent: - And what do you have to have fun for, thanasis! You will see now that my time is coming how I will take advantage of the woolly ones." Translation to English).


Drawing of Carnival and Lent, by anonymous for the magazine La Esquella de la Torratxa, year 8, no. 374, Barcelona, March 13, 1886, page 80 (https://arca.bnc.cat/arcabib_pro/ca/publicaciones/verNumero.do?idNumero=102557).

Found in the Arxiu de Revistes Catalanes Antigues (Archive of Old Catalan Magazines), Biblioteca de Catalunya (Library of Catalonia):

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