Celestina telling a story to two children, by anonymous (1886)

Celestina telling a story to two children, by anonymous (1886)


Celestina telling a story to two children, by anonymous (1886)






In the drawing appears an old woman with her head covered, reminiscent of Celestina, talking to two children. From the word that appears in the image "Stories", the image can be interpreted as an old woman telling a story to two children. The gesture of enumerating with the fingers that the old woman makes corresponds to the old engravings of Celestina in the act of reasoning or enumerating and also the text that appears below the image alludes to Celestina:

"Uns tacanyos tenían convidats á casa, y 'l dinar que 'ls servían era molt magre.
Entre 'ls convidats s' hi contava una senyoreta, que destrossava sense pietat la reputaciò de totas las sèvas conegudas.
- Pero ¡valgam Dèu! ¡y qu' es murmuradora aquesta Celestina! va dirli la senyora de la casa.
- Que s' hi ha de fer, respongué la interpelada. Bè haig d' entretenir las dents ab una cosa ó altra. Per no morirme de fam me menjo á las amigas."

("Some stingy people had guests at home, and the lunch they were serving was very sparse.
Among the guests was a young lady, who mercilessly destroyed the reputation of all her acquaintances.
- But, oh my God! And how gossipy is this Celestina! said the lady of the house.
- What to do, replied the questioned. I have to entertain my teeth with one thing or another. In order not to starve to death, I eat my friends." Translation to English).


Drawing of Story, by anonymous for the magazine La Esquella de la Torratxa, year 8, no. 374, Barcelona, March 13, 1886, page 78 (https://arca.bnc.cat/arcabib_pro/ca/publicaciones/verNumero.do?idNumero=102557).

Found in the Arxiu de Revistes Catalanes Antigues (Archive of Old Catalan Magazines), Biblioteca de Catalunya (Library of Catalonia):

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