Cover of Lisbon, 1540

Cover of the Lisboa, 1540 edition.


Cover of Lisbon, 1540


L. Rodriguez and anonymous illustrator




Only print in the book. Scene of Calisto and Melibea's initial encounter. Calisto has the hawk. Celestina with the string and a servant.

This edition contains other 21 illustrations, that can be seen here.


Celestina. Ed. L. Rodriguez: Lisboa, 1540
Record at the British library:
[Tragicomedia de Calisto y melibea. Enla q̄l se cōtiene de mas de su agradable dulce estilo muchas sentēncias filosofales: auisos muy necessarios a mācebos ...  nueuamente añadido el tractado de Centurio. [With woodcuts.] G.L.] Lixboa : L. Rodriguez, 1540. By courtesy of the British Library and Amaranta Saguar

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