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Comic of La Celestina with separate text by Pulunto Pérez (2016)
Children's book format with an illustrated page and a brief narration of the events from the preceding page.


Comic from La Celestina by Alamavona (2016)
Comic fromLa Celestinacreated by Irina Alamanova's students.


Comic of La Celestina, by Perera Sarmiento (2002)
Adaptation, photos and ilustrations by Antonio Perera Sarmiento
Design and layout by Miguel A. Perera Alonso
Ediciones Témpora Madrid 2002


La Celestina, by cuenta.cuentos (2011)
An artistic project in the form of comics by the user Cuenta.Cuentos on the site:

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La Celestina...animu style, by happichuu (sic) (2009)
Drawing made by the DeviantArt user, happichuu, he/she was reading a book in a literature class and made his/her own interpretation of the characters in a Japanese cartoon style.


Comic of La Celestina, by Basstien (1988)
Colour comic for young readers, part of a collection of classic works for young readers.

Adaptation: Rémy Bastien
Script: Dolores Plaza
Drawings: J. Santos Reyna
Colour separation: Carlos García, José García, Raúl Mendoza, Antonio Pérez y…


Currito the Flamenco Singer's Enchanted Guitar (La guitarra embrujada de Currito el cantaor), by Ferrándiz (1961 c.)
Illustrated children's story that has a witch inspired byMother Celestina's Powder, as the use of the expression in the text shows:"Y en su cueva aquella noche le echó las cartas, ladina, y a una guitarra echó los polvos de la madre…

ComicLa Celestina, school project, by various authors (2008)
Cover and loose pages of a comic of the play for a high school course. Manga influences. The images belong to the first and second part of the comic. Note the figure of the old woman who represents Celestina in the comic pages. The procuress appears…


Comic Mother Celestina's Powders (Los polvos de la madre Celestina) (c. 1920)
Two children and a witch in front a cauldron and a skeleton. Cover of a children's novel based on Hansel and Gretel.
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