A little soup, by Álvarez (1885)

A little soup, by Álvarez (1885)


A little soup, by Álvarez (1885)


Álvarez, L.




Original title: Una sopita ("A little soup").

The engraving shows an interior scene where four figures appear: two young people sitting talking, an old man sitting next to them watching them while he eats, and a young woman leaving the room. The engraving appears in the middle of a story titled "From window to window" ("De ventana a ventana") in which a Celestina appears. In this engraving there is no Celestina character but there is an old religious man who, due to his permissiveness and attitude towards the young lovers, clearly reminds of a Celestina.


Engraving "A little soup" ('Una sopita') by L. Álvarez, which appears in the weekly journal of literature, arts and sciences La Ilustración artística (The artistic illustration), edited by Montaner and Simón, Barcelona (Spain), Volume IV, 1885, p. 68, The J. Paul Getty Museum Library.
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