La Celestina, by Cantú (2012, c.)

La Celestina, by Cantú (2000, c.)
La Celestina, by Cantú (2012)


La Celestina, by Cantú (2012, c.)


Cantú, Gerardo (1934-2021)


Image 1: 2000, c.
Image 2: 2012


The images show a young couple on a bed lying down and kissing while a woman in the center of the image with her head covered looks at the viewer while holding flowers. From the title of the paintings it is understood that the couple represent the client and the prostitute and the woman represents the young woman's procuress. There are other versions of this painting and both images look like two of these versions.


Image 1: 
La Celestina, The Arocena Museum, in collaboration with the Diego Rivera Mural Museum, found on the website of the Arocena Museum, Mexico:

Archived in:

Image 2:
Celestina en rojos-Aores from Calixto and Melibea, mural of Italian mosaic, glass and marble (2012) at the Faculty of Performing Arts (UANL) Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico. Found on the Pinterest website, uploaded by the official account of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León.


Image 1:
Dimensions: Unknown

Image 2:
Italian mosaic mural, glass and marble.
Dimensions: Unknown

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