Adaptation of La Celestina for the television programLos libros, by Fernández Santos (1974)


Adaptation of La Celestina for the television program Los libros, by Fernández Santos (1974)


Fernández Santos, Jesús, Director




Country: Spain
Production: TVE Televisión Española
Presenter: Alonso Zamora Vicente
Script: Jesús Fernández Santos, Fernando de Rojas
Duration: 60 mins.
Format: Theatre for TV program "Los libros."
Genre: Drama/Romance
Photography: Matías Montero
Makeup: Francisco Puyol
Music: Chorea Polonica
Alonso Zamora Vicente (narrator)
María Luisa Ponte (1918,) (Celestina)
Tony Isbert (1950, 24 years of age) (Calisto)
Carmen Maura (1945, 29 years of age) (Melibea)
José Yepes (1942, 32 years of age) (Sempronio)
Luis Gaspar (Pármeno)
Sagrario Sala (Lucrecia)
Maribel Hidalgo (Elicia)
Félix Dafauce (1896, 78 years of age) (Melibea's father)
Mery Leyva (1917, 57 years of age) (Melibea's mother)


Full-length. Copyright by TVE, availabe for free online at TVE homepage

Cover of the magazine Teleradio (1973)
Cover of a popular TV program magazine with the image of the lead actress dressed as Celestina.

Title of the film.
Title and in the background the medieval city in which all the events from the movie occur.