TV productionLa Celestina,by Fuller (1967)


TV production La Celestina, by Fuller (1967)


Fuller, Eduardo, Director




Theatrical adaptation for television program. 
Production: TVE (Teatro de siempre).
Script: Fernando de Rojas, adaptation by José Vila Selma.
Duration: 122 mins.
Format: Theatre for television.
Genre: Drama.
Music (from the time period): Alejandro Massó (conductor) and Marta Santa-Olalla (musical selection). Performed by the Agrupación Antigua de Madrid.
Sound: Pedro G. Horrillo.
Makeup: Goyo.
Wardrobe: Pilar S. Muro.
Francisco Guijar (Calixto)
Lolita Herrera (1935, 32 years of age) (Melibea)
Julio Muñoz (Sempronio)
Lola Gaos (1921, 46 years of age) (Celestina)
Gloria Lafuente (Elicia)
Francisco Portes (1940, 27 years of age) (Pármeno)
Asunción Villamil (1926, 41 years of age) (Lucrecia)
María Rus (Alisa)
Manuel Peña (Tristanico)
Rafael Díaz (Sosia)
Mari Paz Yáñez (Areúsa)
Mario Moreno (Pleberio)


TVE right reserved

Credits from the televised version of the play.
Title: La Celestina, a production by Teatro de siempre for TVE. Director: Eduardo Fuller. The fourth image corresponds to the play's lace curtain, which is repeated on two occasions before the commercials.

Speaking about business
Calixto (Francisco Guijar) hires Celestina's (Lola Gaos) services, who at first believes the way Calixto expresses himself towards Melibea is absurd.

Gaining a friend.
Celestina (Lola Gaos) convincing Pármeno (Francisco Portes) to join her and to not interfere in her line of work.

Celestina's arrival.
Lucrecia (Asunción Villamil) announces Celestina's arrival to the mansion of Alisa (Marta Rus) and Melibea (Lolita Herrera), who are in the garden knitting.

Meeting Celestina.
Alisa (Marta Rus) is skeptical of Celestina's (Lola Gaos) visit to her house, but she still lets her enter, leaving her alone with her daughter and her servant, Lucrecia (Asunción Villamil).

Celestina's visit.
Celestina (Lola Gaos) visits Melibea (Lolita Herrera) and tells her about Calisto's lovesickness.

Melibea's future.
Alisa and Pleberio discuss Melibea's future. Pleberio has a list of young men that are interested in marrying his daughter.

Banquet at Celestina's house.
Celestina (Lola Gaos) drinking wine and telling Elicia (Gloria Lafuente) about her good times. Curiously, in this version, perhaps due to censorship reasons, the banquet and its irreverent and orgy-like aspect.

Melibea's lovesickness.
Melibea (Lolita Herrera) stretched out in her bed suffering from lovesickness over Calixto.

Celestina's death.
In the first image, Pármeno (Franciso Portes) and Sempronio (Julio Muñoz) are arguing with Celestina (Lola Gaos).
In the second image, the servants have killed Celestina. An afflicted Elicia (Gloria Lafuente) stands out in the background.

Extracting the truth.
Areúsa (Paz Yáñez) using her charm to receive information from Sosia (Rafael Díaz) about Calixto and Melibea's meetings.

Plotting a murder.
Areúsa plotting Calixto's death. Beside her is Elicia who watches her with surprise.

Nighttime meeting.
Nighttime meeting between Melibea (Lolita Herrera) and Calixto (Francisco Guijar).

Calisto's death.
Pármeno (Franciso Portes) and Sempronio (Julio Muñoz) seeing their deceased master Calixto (Francisco Guijar).

Melibea's death.
Pleberio (Mario Moreno) listening to Melibea's (Lolita Herrera) confessions moments before she leaps from the tower.