Cover of the Burgos edition, 1531.

Portada de Burgos, 1531.


Cover of the Burgos edition, 1531.


Juan de Junta and anonymous illustrator




Composite scene with an unidentified servant, Calisto, Melibea and Lucrecia, with the initials above. Celestina, also with initials above is knocking at the door, with the thread in hand. A tree in the center. An illustrated edition with 26 engravings (and the cover) that can be seen by clicking here: Burgos, 1531.

uan de la Junta reuses this image for the cover of his Tragicomedia de Lysandro y Roselia, 1542, adding the initials of the characters to the figures. Curiously, he does not supress the initials above the image of Celestina.


Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea. Burgos: Juan de Junta, 1531

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