Burgos (1531)

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Tragicomedia d[e] Calisto y Melibea. Burgos: Juan de Junta, 1531. 34 engravings plus cover. Some illustrated drop cap letters.

Almost all the images are factotums except the cover, Pármeno and Sempronio's jump out the window after killing Celestina in act XII, their execution in act XIII, Calisto climbing into the garden in act XIV (repeated in act XIX), Calisto's fall in act XIX and Melibea's suicide in act XX.

Description in the Edición e introducción crítica by Miguel Marciales (Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1985), volume I, pg. 8: " V. Primera de Burgos, septiembre 12, 1531. Juan de Junta. Paradero desconocido."

There is a copy at the Biblioteca de Catalunya that has been digitalized and is online at Google Books and the images come from here. Also online at Cervantes Virtual.

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