Mother Celestina in La pícara Justina, by López de Úbeda (1605)

Mother Celestina in La pícara Justina, by Ubeda (1605)
La Lozana Andaluza, 1538


Mother Celestina in La pícara Justina, by López de Úbeda (1605)


López de Ubeda, Francisco and Juan Baptista Morales fe




Frontispiece of the book La pícara Justina (1605) containing an image identified as Mother Celestina. She is one of the passengers of the Ship of Life. She is wearing a cardinal hat and glasses. The frontispiece is inspired by the cover of La Lozana Andaluz, 1528


Franciso de Ubeda, La pícara Justina, 1605, .Cristobal de Lasso Vaca, Medina del Campo 1605,

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