Representation of Casal Torreblanca, Sant Cugat, by Sarrate (2017)

Representación del Casal Torreblanca, Sant Cugat, de Sarrate (2017)


Representation of Casal Torreblanca, Sant Cugat, by Sarrate (2017)


Sarrate, Enric




Hojas venenosas 

Inspired in “La Celestina” (Tragicomedy of Calisto and Melibea) by Fernando de Rojas. 
Performing Arts Workshop, 2nd course Bachillerato 2016-17 High school Angeleta Ferrer i Sensat Sant Cugat del Vallès 
Version: Lewis Lozano and Álex Álvarez
Sound and lighting: Guillem Babitsch 
Corporal expression: AGITART 
Atrezzo: Laia Sánchez 
Videos and photos: Iker Manchado and Clàudia Lázaro 
Scenography (in photography projection): Guillem Babitsch Images: Students of all courses in high school (ESO and Bachillerato)

Guillem Babitsch – Marc 
Alba Delgado – Juls 
Àlex Álvarez – Doctor C 
Lewis Lozano – Óscar 
Edu Mas – Óliver 
Rita Auladell – Sara

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