"The flight of Calixto" Artistic dream for the Melibea Garden in Salamanca, by d’Ors (2010)



"The flight of Calixto" Artistic dream for the Melibea Garden in Salamanca, by d’Ors (2010)


d’Ors, Esperanza (1949-)
Castelló, Chema (Photographer)




Description of the work by the author: "As you may have seen on my website, I work from mythology considering this endless source for reflection on who we are and the latent aspirations of every human being. That is, as archetypes of human behavior. Of all my myths that always remain open, Icarus has been the one with the best reception throughout forty years of sculptures. We are all Icarus because we want to fly with our dreams. And as Borges says
"There will never be a door
You are inside, and the fortress covers the universe
And it has no front or back
Nor narrow wall
No secret center." The desire to fly that Foucault also speaks of ...
Like the Greeks, I believe that art is public or it is not, so I focus my efforts on the introduction of sculptures in the contemporary city. I visited Salamanca and the Garden of Melibea and carried out this dream that I titled "The flight of Calixto", knowing the tragic end of this couple. It has never been made as a public work but the original 6 of the small sketch cast in bronze were sold. "(Private correspondence with the author).

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With permission of the author.

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