Blue, Celestina self-portrait, by Lee-Warne (2015)

Blue (Azul), Celestina self-portrait, by Lee-Warne (2015)


Blue, Celestina self-portrait, by Lee-Warne (2015)


Lee-Warne, Wendy (Unknown)




A self-portrait by the photographer Wendy Lee-Warne in the style of the famous painting by Picasso, La Celestina. While she worked on a photographic project whose them was "blue," the photographer's inspiration came from the famous painting and she made her own interpretation of it. A modern interpretation of two iconic works, the original novel by Fernando de Rojas and Pablo Picasso's painting. While making the photo, she shot herself as the iconic procuress, Celestina, using light and modern esthetics to recreate the fine details of the painting.

According to Wendy Lee-Warne, the development of her creative work included a study on how to recreate the light and Celestina's expression in the painting and how to transfer the nuances from the painting to a photographic format: "Studying the lighting of a painting certainly helped with the lighting of the studio..."
Also available to the reader is a blog where Wendy Lee-Warne documents her creative work and comments on her inspirations and creative processes:  

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and to learn more about her photographic works, visist her professional website:

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