Cover of the Zaragoza edition, 1545

Cover of the Zaragoza edition, 1545


Cover of the Zaragoza edition, 1545


Diego Hernández e ilustrador anónimo




Melibea and Lucrecia wait in the garden while Calisto begins climbing the ladder. On the left, two servants with weapons. The character of Calisto is shown with a beard. One of the women in the inside of the garden raises her hand to her breast. This is the only cover that represents the scene with the ladder.
It is the same illusration used in the book for act XIX. The 27 illustrations of the book can be seen here


Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea. Zaragoza: Diego Hernández, 1545.

Biblioteca Digital Memoria de Madrid

Ejemplar en la Biblioteca Histórica Muncipal de Madrid

Contiene otras ilustraciones.

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