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An Old Matchmaker Counts Money (Una vieja alcahueta cuenta el dinero), lithograph by Vivant Denon (1873).
Old matchmaker counts money by candle light while a couple makes love in the background in her shadow.

Beauty, money, mind (Belleza, dinero, mente), by Tóth (1894).
Part of a tryptych, this painting shows a young woman followed or solicited by a matchmaker-type older woman. The rest of the tryptych can be seen at,_Money,_Mind_C_1894.jpg

Woman with buskin-type shoes and covered head, pointing her finger towards the outside of the panel.

The Human Beast (La bestia humana), by Fillol (1897).
An older woman is forcing a younger woman into prostitution. A client in the background. Social denunciation painting.

The Love Letter or the Fortune-Teller (El billete amoroso o la adivina), engraving based on Frans van Mieris (1635-1681).
Older woman argues using her fingers to count. The word "amor" is visible in the background. Musical instrument and dog.

The Matchmaker (La alcahueta), by Molenaer (1640 c.).
Man with prostitute on his arm and behind is the matchmaker.

Young Couple and Matchmaker (Pareja de jovenes y alcahueta), engraving (1739-1780) based on Francesco Maggioto's painting (1738-1805).
A young woman acting as if she is soliciting money from a young man, and a covered matchmaker behind her giving her advice.

This painting represents the biblical story of the prodigal son in the house of the prostitutes. The painting depicts a banquet scene with young women and their clients. Note the older woman on the left that acts as a procuress and oversees the young…

A brothel scene with a young couple and a procuress, by follower of Willem Pietersz Buytewech (1620, c.)
In the image appears an old woman with her head covered picking up coins that are on a table while with the other hand she opens a chest containing coins. To the right appears a young couple, the woman takes the young man by the hand while he looks…

Escena en un burdel, atribuido a Francken II (Fecha desconocida)
Study of figures, rendered in black chalk, of a scene inside a brothel, with a well-dressed young man, and a young woman accompanied by an old woman who appears to be her procuress. Attributed to Frans Francken II (the Younger).

Other title:…

A couple embracing, a procuress asleep nearby, by Toorenvliet (1700, c.)
The image shows a young woman sitting on a chair and looking to her left while a man shows her a coin and puts his hand on her shoulder. Next to the couple and sitting on a chair appears an old woman with her head covered sleeping. By the title of…

Cortesana con su alcahueta, de Von Aachen (siglo XVII)
A young woman looks away as her procuress shows her a jewel. The procuress holds a bag filled with money in her hand. The dog stares at the viewer, and acts as the client, who is a typical figure in these types of paintings.

A Harlot's Progress, by King (1732)
Plate 6 from the series A Harlot's Progress.

The engraving shows an interior brothel scene. In it many characters appear around a coffin. Among the characters are couples of young women (prostitutes) and men and an old woman sitting on the left…

A Harlot's Progress, Plate 1, by Hogarth (1732)
First print from a series of 6 scenes of the life of a young country girl that becomes a prostitute. This first print includes a matchmaker.

Alegre reunion, de Massys (1560, c.)
Dutch art. Genre painting of tavern or brothel.
Note the old woman.

Other title: Det glada sällskapet

Escena de burdel (2).jpg
The painting represents a scene with young women playing musical instruments and two men at a table. On the right, a couple is depicted, while an old woman who acts as a procuress appears next to them.

Una escena en las cortes de la ley, de Forain (1900(c))
A prostitute and her procuress in court, according to the museum's description.

Print made by Cornelisz (1545)
First, a young woman robs the purse of a young man whom she kisses. In the background, on the right, a celestinesque old woman with a musical instrument. Under an inscription in Latin: "Sic Hispana Venus loccas excantat loving. Sic fucata rapit basia…

A visit to the procuress, by follower of Willem van Mieris (1775, c.)
In the image appears a young woman on a balcony and a man who puts his hand on the young woman. In the background appears an old woman with her head covered and looking at the couple. From the title it is understood that the painting represents the…

The Matchmaker (La alcahueta), by Cranach (1548).
Triangle between client, prostitute and matchmaker. Bag of money in the client and matchmaker's hands and a jug with alcohol in the prostitute's hand.

Other titles: Ungleiches Paar, Die verliebte Alte.

Accompanying Celestina, by Acedo (2008 c.)
From the series La Celestina (2008, c.)

Alcahueta, de Gustavo Muñoz (1989)
Descripción del autor:
La obra es un díptico (60 x 80 cms cada cuadro) pintado al óleo sobre cartón, del año 1989. Es parte de una serie titulada “Atentados”, que recogía versiones muy cambiadas de cuadros famosos de la Historia del Arte. Éste en…

Allegory of touch.jpg
In the engraving, a couple appears in a room. The young woman is on the man's lap. On the right, an old woman, who acts as a procuress, makes the bed.

Allegory of Vanity, by Molenaer (1633)
Although it is a clear case of Vanitas, with the skull, the mirror and the soap bubbles, the character of the woman who combs the young woman's hair wears an orientalizing headdress common in portraits of procuresses in Dutch paintings at the time.…

Original title: Eine alte Kupplerin bietet einer jungen Frau Juwelen an ("An old procuress offers a young woman jewels").

This work represents a young and an old woman. From the title we know that the older woman is a procuress, and she offers…

Una vieja, de Ramos (1900 c.)
Engraving byJosé García Ramos,where an old woman can be seen in the middle of a street. In the foreground on the right there is a dog and in the background on the left a silhouette of a person wearing a hat.In Celestinesca, Vol. 26, No.…

Areúsa, Pármeno and Celestina, by Acedo (2008 c.)
From the series La Celestina (2008, c.)

At the Matchmaker's House, by Basler-Kopp (1900, c.)
Original title: Bei der Kupplerin ("At the Matchmaker's House")

Nude young woman and matchmaker with only silhouette and one hand visible

At the Procuress, by Bijlert (1625, c.)
Original title: Koppelaarster ("At the Procuress").

Client and prostitute at the table. Matchmaker or servant in the background. Dog in foreground. Brother or tavern, Dutch school.

Celestina 1.jpg
In this representation of Bathsheba, Rembrandt depicts her as a naked young woman holding a letter from King David. Bathing the young woman, a Celestina inspired character appears on the left as an older woman. This topic also appears in Picasso's…

Betsabé con una carta de David, de Steen (1659)
Despite the biblical theme, it is treated as a genre scene in which a young woman welcomes a procuress with a missive.

Bellos consejos, de Goya (1797)
A young woman sitting on a chair. An old woman next to her looks at her. Engraving that belongs to the series Los Caprichos number 15.

Bellos consejos, de Goya (1799)
Etching in the seriesLosCaprichosnumber 15.From Wikiepedia"Explanation of this stamp from the Prado Museum manuscript: The advice is worthy of whoever gives it. The worst thing is that the young lady is…

Beware of Luxury, by Steen (1663)
The painting represents a room with various characters. Two children, a dog eating on a table, a pig by the door, a girl at the back of the room, a woman sitting sleeping, a man looking at the girl and playing a violin, an old woman talking to a man…

Bordello scene with sleeping couple.jpg
Other title: Tickled Sleep.

The image shows a couple sleeping in a brothel scene. An old woman who acts as a procuress stands next to the client and holds an object to his face to wake him up.

Escena de burdel (3).jpg
The image shows a young woman with two men leaning on her next to a bed. On the right, an old woman who acts as a procuress holds the hand of one of the men.

A Venetian Procuress, by Boissard (1581)
Image of three women of the sex trade in Venice, including two prostitutes and a procuress.

Other title: Prostituée bourgeoise, Noble prostituée vénitienne, Maquerelle vénitienne

Burdel en antigua Grecia, de Jacobs (1885)
19th century engraving from a History of Prostitution, By P. L. Jacobs, 1885.

Escena de burdel (Una alegre compañía en una mesa), de Pot (1630 c.)
A room with a table with a red tablecloth. On the left, a young woman near a man and next to her an old woman who seems to act like a procuress.

escena de burdel.jpg
Brothel scene. In the engraving the characters appear on a bed. A young woman sitting on the left, and a man lying on her lap. To the left appears an old woman who acts as a procuress. The young woman appears to be stealing from the young man's…

Full title: Bordellszene, die junge Frau bietet den im Hintergrund stehenden Freiern ein Glas Wein an, die Kupplerin umklammert mit einer erotischen Geste den Flaschenhals ("Brothel scene, the young woman offers the suitors standing in the background…

Escena de burdel, para Vicente, de Bernard (1888)
Depiction of a brothel scene where a young woman is drinking, a young man looking at her and an old woman by his side. The old woman may be acting as a procuress for the young woman.

No hay quien nos desate, de Goya (1797)
A tied young woman and man are attacked by a giant owl.

Caressed and Pick-pocketed by Alenza y Nieto (1838, c.)
Young couple carousing while a boy pickpockets the man. An old woman behind the boy

Celestina and Calisto at Church, by Acedo (2008 c.)
From the series La Celestina (2008, c.)

Celestina and Lucrecia, by Acedo (2008 c.)
From the series La Celestina (2008, c.)

Celestina and Melibea, by Acedo (2008 c.)
From the series La Celestina (2008, c.)

Celestina and Pármeno, by Acedo (2008 c.)
From the series La Celestina (2008, c.)

Celestina manipulates the characters, by Acedo (2008 c.)
From the series La Celestina (2008, c.)

Celestina, by Acedo (2008 c.)
From the series La Celestina (2008, c.)

Celestina, by Acedo (2008 c.)
From the series La Celestina (2008, c.)

Celestina, by Acedo (2011, c.)
Portrait of the procuress Celestina

Chitón, de Goya (1799(?))
Part of the series of the whims by Francisco de Goya. Etching and aquatint on paper.

Claudia's Girls, by Gutiérrez Solana (1929)
Prostitutes in a brothel with matchmaker to the left. Reference to an absent bullfighter or picador.

Composición con la chiquita piconera de, Romero de Torres (1929)
A seated young woman looking up at the viewer. In the background on the left, an old woman holds a cloth.

Other title: Loose Company

The image represents two young men, one of them being the prodigal son with a semi-naked young woman acting as a prostitute. She is also holding a violin. An old woman acting as the procuress appears in the background…

Country scene, de Alenza y Nieto (1877)
A young woman sitting under a tree, accompanied by an old woman on the left and several men on the left looking at her.

Courtesan and Procuress, by Lama (1720 c. )
Young woman and procuress talking
Oil on canvass, 20 1/2 x 25 3/4 inches (52 x 65.5 cm)

Cover in watercolor of La Celestina, by Acedo (2011, c.)
Cover in watercolor of the Libro de Calixto y Melibea y la puta vieja Celestina("Book of Calixto and Melibea and the old whore Celestina")

Danaë, by Tiziano (1553).
Danaë's maid receives a shower of gold.

Other title: Danaë

Danaë, by Gentileschi (1612)
Danaë and servant receiving rain of gold on her dress. Compare with a Tiziano painting.

Danaë, by Van Loo (1650).
Danaë and servant in a matchmaker-like way.

Danaë, by Van Loo (1655).
Servant, characterized in a matchmaker way, wakes Danae while shower of gold enters as a ray of light from the left.

Baile en la Ermita de la Virgen del Puerto, de de Guzmán (1857)
A scene in the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Port. In the lower left corner of the table, there is a group of people acting similarly as characters inLa Celestina. A soldier dressed in red, with a young girl who seems to be flirting, while an old…

Detail of Temptation of Saint Anthony, by Bosch (1501)
Fragment of the left panel of the triptych The Temptations of Saint Anthony. Note that this fragment presents various female characters, like the woman crowned with an ecclesiastical hat or the one seen through the window and the one barely…

Original title: Gefällt sie Ihnen? ("Do you like her?").

This work represents Celestinesque-themed scene. In the scene, a man, a naked young woman and an older woman are represented, this last one acting as the procuress of the young woman.

Don Juan y Constanza, de Adriaensz Backer (c. 1650)
Description at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts:
"This is probably a portrait of a husband and wife dressed up as characters from a Dutch adaptation of La Gitanilla by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. The story tells of the romance between Don…

Drinker with a young woman and procuress.jpg
The image shows a young woman in the hands of a man drinking. To the left, an old woman with a greedy face appears taking a bag that the young woman is handing her. The old woman in this image acts as a procuress for the young woman.

Duquesa di Montejasi con sus hijas, Elena y Camilla, de Degas, (1876, c.)
Although it is a portrait, the arrangement of the mother and daughters of marriageable age recalls some compositions of procuresses or madamas and their pupils. "This is the last of Degas’s great family portraits. It is also among the most…

Easy company, by van Hemessen (1545, c.)
Dutch painting, genre painting or merry company.
Note the old woman in the foreground with the beer or wine mug.

Original title: Lockere Gesellschaft
Other title: Brothel Scene

Engraving of the English procuress Elizabeth Creswell, by Laroon (1675)
Also known as Mother Creswell and Madam Cresswell of Clerkenwell, she was one of the most famous and successful brothel prostitutes and regents in seventeenth-century England. Written below in French and Italian her profession of procuress: "" Une…

Engravings in a collection representing different characters in he city of Bologna, in this case a procuress at the door of a house with two women

Untitled, engraving by Crabbe van Espleghem.
Scene of a client being robbed while he negotiates with a prostitute and procuress in the background.

This fresco painting portrays a domestic scene. There is a couple in bed and a woman on the corner. The latter could either be their maid or the woman's procuress.

Hada madrina, de Zouravliov (2010 c.)
This drawing represents the Russian folk legend of Vasilissa, a young woman, and a witch. The original story does not contain any Celestinesque references. However, Vania Zouravliov's work introduces elements of the visual tradition of La Celestina.…

Consejo paternal, de Wille (1765)
The moralizing title hides the fact that the man has no parental relationship with the girl. According to the Philadelphia Museum, a viewpoint of the time would understand very well that the subjects of the painting are a procuress, her protégé and a…

Four figures on a step (Cuatro figuras en un escalón), by Murillo (1655. c).
Four characters among which a prostitute and a matchmaker are usually identified.

Escena galante, de Janneck (1731 c.)
A young woman accompanied by an old woman and it seems that the latter acts as her procuress. A young man is on the left.

Other title: Galante Szene

Gifting of a Gold Chain, by Acedo (2008 c.)
From the series La Celestina (2008, c.)

Gitanas, by Canals (1900, c.)
In the image appear five young women dressed in a similar way. To the right appear three other figures, two men and a young woman, with a different aesthetic from that of the other young women. In the middle of the young women appears an old woman…

Gypsies, by Canals (1910, c.)
In the image three figures appear in a field. A young woman dressed in a regional dress, an old woman to her right with a fan covering her face, and a man on horseback behind them. The trio is reminiscent of celestina scenes where the old woman acts…

The biblical parable of the prodigal son is depicted in this tapestry. The prodigal son in the centre appears with a young woman on the left. An older woman presents the young woman to the prodigal son, which could indicate that she is acting as the…

Estudio de Cabeza, de Velásquez (Fecha desconocida)
Portrait of an old woman.

This painting represents a biblical scene where Herodias pierces the tongue of John the Baptist while his severed head is resting on a plate hold by Salome.
The portrayal of the young woman, the older woman and a man is reminiscent of Celestina…

House of Mariduque, by Botero (1970)
The painting portrays a room where six women appear: three of them are sitting in two chairs, the remaining three are standing. One of them is drinking and another one is sweeping. A man lying behind a chair appears in the background of the painting.
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