Merry Company, by Honthorst (1625)

Merry Company, by Honthorst (1625)


Merry Company, by Honthorst (1625)


Honthorst, Gerrit van (1592-1656)




Scene inspired by the tradition of the prodigal son. Caravaggio influences.

"Honthorst's genre painting relates to the subject portrayed by his fellow Utrecht Caravaggisti. It depicts a provocative scene of a wanton student (the prodigal son?) in the company of two prostitutes and a procuress carrying an infant. The pages of an immense open folio on the table are brilliantly illuminated by candle-light as is the semi-nude torso of the theorbo-playing prostitute. One of the pages illustrates an older man and a nude child, most likely Cupid, beating a woman who holds a large book. The opposite page shows a Latin poem." (Description from the Web Gallery of Art,, Archived in:

Other title: Der liederliche Student


Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 125 × 156 cm

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