Cover of the Venice edition, 1543.

Cover of the Venice edition, 1543.


Cover of the Venice edition, 1543.


Bernardino de Bendoni, Alphonso Hordognez and anonymous illustrator




The same as the cover of the Sevilla, 1523 edition, a variation of the Seville covers by Cromberger but completely redesigned. It now also includes a dog, and the initials of Sempronio and Celestina have been added on top of the corresponding characters. This is the same as Sevilla, please see the complete description in the entry for Sevilla, 1511 (1502)

An illustrated edition with 17 engravings that can be seen by clicking here: Venecia, 1541.


Celestina, tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea (traducción italiana de Alphonso Hordognez). Venecia: Bernardino de Bendoni, 1543

Beussant Lefevre

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