Cover of the Valladolid edition, 1561.

Cover of the Valladolid edition, 1561.


Cover of the Valladolid edition, 1561.


Francisco Fernández de Córdoba and anonymous editor




A composite image that appears to be a fragment of the models begun by Cromberger, Sevilla, 1511 (1502) and Valencia, 1514, which shows the garden with Calisto and Melibea,the servant with a horse and Celestina knocking at the door with the thread while Lucrecia peers out the window.

An illustrated edition with 25 images that can be seen by clicking here: Valladolid, 1561.


Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea. Valladolid: Francisco Fernández de Córdoba, 1561

Banco de Recursos Atenex

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