Brothel scene, by Blooteling (1670, c.)

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Brothel scene, by Blooteling (1670, c.)


Blooteling, Abraham (1640-1690)


1670, c.


Brothel scene. In the engraving the characters appear on a bed. A young woman sitting on the left, and a man lying on her lap. To the left appears an old woman who acts as a procuress. The young woman appears to be stealing from the young man's pocket and giving the stolen objects to the procuress, while he is unconscious. On the right there are two other young women, a young man with his back turned and another handing a drink to one of the young women.


The British Museum, London, UK

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Asset number: 226727001
Museum number: 1838,0420.103


Dimensions: 30,5 × 39,4 cm

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