Poster for the Celestina Festival. The Spain of Rojas (La España de Rojas) (2020)



Poster for the Celestina Festival. The Spain of Rojas (La España de Rojas) (2020)


Puebla de Montalbán City Council




Poster for the Celestina Festival 2020, where works of various artists will be performed, among these the work of Teo Puebla.

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Bar Celestina.jpgLuchar por la vida.jpgCelestina 2020.jpgfotonoticia_20200810094542_1920-1097x1536-1-696x975.jpgGame card of Don Juan, Doña Inés and Brígida (Evaristo Juncosa, 1930 c.)Celestina ??, by Schonberg (1960 c.)Black Spain, by Regoyos (1899)Shadow Puppetry, Celestina or the Two Workers, by Llorens (1865)Poster of the Festival of La Celestina, Puebla de Montalbán (2019)Engraving of a procuress from Auto da Barca do Inferno, by Gil Vicente (1586)The Santera Celestina, street theater, Saltinpunqui (2019)Dona Ortiz, celestinesque character in Gil Blas, Barcelona edition (1840)Engraving of Celestina, by Hijo (2019)The procuress whipped, with a crest on her head, by Mitelli (c. 1696)The Procuress, by Rosso (1885)Tin bas-relief  of a Celestina type scene, anonymous (1900, c.) Poster of he Market of Celestina, Puebla de Montalban (2018)Procuress publicly punished, magazine Fray Verdades (1909)Bookmark Calisto and Melibea, Codex Manesse (2018 c.)Eclogue of Plácida and Vitoriano, by Juan del Encina (1518.c)Poster of editions of La Celestina and Lazarillo, Academia Mexicana (2018)Postal stamp of the Festival La Celestina, by FNMT (2018) Romance del conde Claros, by Varesio (1593, c.)Comic for children Los polvos de la madre Celestina, magazine Bobín (1932)La Celostina, Mexican television character (2000)Calligraphic rendering of the words La Celestina, Ceibe (2014)Wine Celestina, ArgentinaCove of Gilman´s The Spain of Fernando de RojasCelestina in three vignettes, by Antonio (2008)Portada de la Tercera Celestina, de  Gómez de Toledo, 1539Cover proposal of La Celestina, by González (2016 c.)Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 4.33.14 PM.pngIllustration of the Second Celestina, by Salazar y Torres (1994)Cover of the Second Comedy of the Celestina, by Silva (1968)Cover of The Second Celestina, by Silva (1988)Illustration of Celestina's drugstore, by Mérida Jiménez (2004)Illustration of La Celestina, by Hijo (2003)Illustration of La Celestina, by Hijo (2017)Illustrations of La Celestina, de Jaimes Serrano (2015)Pintura de Sempronio, de Percara (2017)Fotografía de La Celestina, de Emotional Books (2017)Azulejo de La Celestina (2016 c.)<br />
Marioneta de La Celestina, de Masgrau (1975 c.)Ilustración de Melibea, de AETOS (2013)Capture.JPGPreliminary sketches for a play, by Barkhin (1987)Representación del Kellergeister Theater, Frankfurt (2014)Comic of La Celestina with separate text by Pulunto Pérez (2016)Comic from La Celestina by Alamavona (2016)Comic of La Celestina, by Perera Sarmiento (2002)Vestidos inspirados en La Celestina, de la Rosa (2014)<br />
Boceto del vestuario de Melibea (2016)Foto arte de La Celestina (2015)Celestina 17.jpgBoceto del conjuro del hilado, Ciudad de México, de Arizpe (2016)<br />
resumen-na-catita-L-UVv7Of.jpeg51g4I+K2EIL._SX350_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgMacabre version of Celestina by Mreno, (2017)La Celestina cookie by Ginger Galletas, 2017Capture.JPGIllustration from Tragedia Policiana, by Sebastián Fernández and anonymous illustrator, 1547El Pais Celestina y Lazariilo.JPGEngravings from the French adaptation of La Celestina, by Le Breton (1929)Carousel book of La Celestina, by Valle (2017)Celestina puppet, by Seoane (2017)Valencian Fallas cardboard statues entitled Pamtomime and Celestina go well together (Pantomima i Celestina sempre han fet molt bona rima), by Martínez Aparici (2016)Statue of Fernando de Rojas in Talavera de la Reina, by Juan Cantero (2016)Underground comic with Celestina character, from Amor Amateur (2016)Comic La Celestina, anonymous (2017 c.)Liqueur advertisement (1898)Literary routes, La Celestina, Government of Castilla-La Mancha (2011)Celestina's Powder (Los polvos de Celestina), cover of an issue of La novela galante (1925 c.)The Black Lady (La dama negra), cover of the La novela de hoy edition (1925)A Couple in Trouble (Polvareda conyugal), cover of the La novela de hoy edition (1929)Provenza Street (La calle de Provenza), cover of the Novela de hoy edition (1928)The Horror (Lo horrible), cover of the Novela de hoy edition (1927)Lady Milagros (Doña Milagros), cover of La novela de hoy (1925 c.)Procuring (Proxenetismo), by Meid (1914)Plate painted with gallant scene and procuress, anonymous (c. 1700)Illustration of a procuress from the book Women's Dialogue (Diálogo de las mujeres), by Castillejo (1600)Postage stamp from Equatorial Guinea (c. 1981)Photo series of The Story of Melibea (La historia de Melibea), by Constantinou (2014 c.)Photo in the Garden of Calixto y Melibea, by Culla (2016)Blue (Azul), Celestina self-portrait, by Lee-Warne (2015)La Celestina, by Reynoso (2014)Scene of lovers in a garden, by Master E. S. (1460 c.)The Whisper (El susurro), by KermitTX (sic) (2008)Presentation of slides of La Celestina, by Liss Rodriguez (2010)La Celestina, by cuenta.cuentos (2011)Portada de una edición francés de La Celestina, de de Rojas (1922)Illustration of Celestina in the comedy Eufemia, by Lope de Rueda, in the magazine Blanco y Negro (1906)News referring to the painting La Celestina by Fernando Alberti, in Blanco y Negro (1908)Celestino, by Kohryu (2006)La Celestina...animu style, by happichuu (sic) (2009)Celestina 2.0, by 44rivax (sic) (Luca Rivara) (2012)Celestina, by Venise (2004)Marivi Bilbao, de jesuss1 (sic) (2013)Calisto and Melibea, by Pukingrainbows (sic) (2009)Celestina the Weepy (Celestina la llorona), by AreUfracturing (sic) (2005)Colombian escorts and models service logo (2015)La Celestina, by Anachronic-Doll (2009)La Celestina Doll, by Daasper [sic] (2013)La Celestina, by AliceInNightmareland (sic) (2007)La Celestina, by Edwmwtal (sic) (2013)La Celestina, by EminaAcqua (sic) (2009)La Celestina, by Thecarlosmal (sic) (2006)Celestina, by Bradipsiquia (sic) (2013)Celestina, by Akenoomokoto (sic) (2009)Cigar box label with lithograph of La Celestina (c. 1950)Comic of La Celestina, by Basstien (1988)Currito the Flamenco Singer's Enchanted Guitar (La guitarra embrujada de Currito el cantaor), by Ferrándiz (1961 c.)Cover of the book The Mechanical Celestina (La Celestina mecánica), by Colomina de Rivera (1976)Pármeno, life and work (Pármeno, vida y obra), cover drawing, various artists (2008)Design of a Celestina, by Richart (1980 c.)Cover of Mother Celestina's Powder (Los polvos de la madre Celestina) (novel by Rafael del Castillo) (1862)La Celestina, caricature, by BibomaniaOtakulover (sic) (2010)El huerto de Calisto y Melibea, theater (2000 c.)Deck of cards Eroticism in Classic Spanish Literature (El Erotismo en la Literatura Clásica Española), by Munoa (2005)Blanket or bedspread with scene from La Celestina (1615)Conquest (Conquista), painting by Blanco Prieto (2000 c.)Estatua de Fernando de Rojas en Puebla de Montalbán (1980, c.)Video summary of La Celestina with animated figures, from the series Grandes Obras Universales, from RTVE (2010)YouTube video of the adaptation of La Celestina by students from Bovalar Secondary School, Castellón de la Plana (2009)YouTube video summary of animated La Celestina, by Gloria Gil (2012)Playmobil Celestina (Celestina Playmobil), YouTube video of Melibea's suicide, by Lorzo's channel (2007)Bodegas Melibea, Madrid bar (2015)Relief with a procuress on a baptismal font in Palencia (12th century)La Celestina, by Durán and LaGRUAestudio (2013)Card from La Celestina library specialized in theatre, Madrid (2000 c.)Dolls of Calisto, Melibea, and Celestina, by Jaume Arlandy (2011 and 2016)Stone relief of Calisto and Melibea, Calisto and Melibea Secondary School (2000 c.)Coaster from Melibea club, Jaca, Spain (circa 2000)Spanish National Lottery Ticket (1974)Matchmaker (Alcoviteira), by Bordalo Pinheiro (c. 1900)Matchmaker from Greek comedy on a mosaic (2nd century B.C.)Two Men and a Matchmaker (Dos hombres y una alcahueta), ceramic from Apulia, scene from a comedy (4th century B.C.)The Matchmaker (I y II) (Die Kupplerin), statues by Barlach, (1919-1924)Russian Playing Cards (Cartas de naipes rusos) (2015)An anti-venereal campaign poster, The Dangerous Proposal (La oferta peligrosa) (1927)Statue of the Celestina in Calisto and Melibea's Garden, by Agustín Casillas, Salamanca (1976)Comic La Celestina, school project, by various authors (2008)Advertisement card for the restaurant La Celestina, Madrid (2000 c.)Cover of the novel The Brothel Keeper (La madama), by Concha Alós (1973)Cover of the book Mother Celestina's advice (Los consejos de la madre Celestina) (1973)<br />
<br />
Cover of the bookMother Celestina's back room: Solutions for any sexual problem(La rebotica de la madre Celestina: Soluciones para cualquier problema sexual) (1998)<br />
<br />
ONCE lottery ticket, 500 years of the publication of La Celestina (1999)Celestina and martyr, cover illustration, 1912.Comic Mother Celestina's Powders (Los polvos de la madre Celestina) (c. 1920)Postage stamp from Correos de España, 1998.Medal from the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, by Manuel Prieto (1957).