Beware of Luxury, by Steen (1663)

Beware of Luxury, by Steen (1663)


Beware of Luxury, by Steen (1663)


Steen, Jan Havickszoon (c. 1626-1679)




The painting represents a room with various characters. Two children, a dog eating on a table, a pig by the door, a girl at the back of the room, a woman sitting sleeping, a man looking at the girl and playing a violin, an old woman talking to a man reading and with a duck on his shoulder. In the center, in the foreground, a young woman looking towards the viewer and a young man sitting next to her.

Other titles: In Weelde Siet Toe, Die verkehrte Welt


Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 105 × 145.5 cm

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