The Quarrel, by Lameyer (1850 c.)

The Quarrel, by Lameyer (1850 c.)


The Quarrel, by Lameyer (1850 c.)


Lameyer, Francios


1850, c. The precise date is unknown


Oil on canvas. A gypsy man and woman quarrel while an old woman is sitting next to them. The old woman is not normally seen as a procuress, but it is possible to see her as such


Private collection.
For more information, see the disseration Francisco Lameyer y Berenguer, pintor, militar y viajero, 1825-1877 Fernando-J. Martínez Rodríguez Tesis doctoral dirigida por Mercedes Replinger González (dir. tes.), José Sánchez-Carralero López (dir. tes.). Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2007). pg. 150
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