Celestina, a Tragic Musical Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)

Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)
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Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999), Areúsa, Pármeno, Sempronio, Elicia
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999), Celestina getting Melibea's girdle
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999). Celestina about to be murdered by Sempronio and Parmeno
Celestina, a Tragic Musical  Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999), Melibea and Lucrecia


Celestina, a Tragic Musical Comedy, by Bond, New York (1999)


Bond, Brad,
Jason-Michael and Fiske and The Producers Club II Theatre




Reviewed Celestinesca 23.1-2 (1999)

Songs (courtesy of Brad Bond)

Press on the song to hear them

In this number, Melibea is in her moonlit garden waiting for Calisto to arrive. This demo features the new orchestration accompaniment. The singer is a wonderful local girl: Karissa Self.  The orchestration is by Keith Wells

Here I am.  / The night flows through my hair.  / And the stars fill my mind with a thousand dreams  / Their fiery beams inspire.  / Ageless moon, pulling at the sea  / Like the tide inside me longs to be set free  / And carry me to his side.  /   / Here am I,  / As i have been here oh, so many times before tonight.  / But, tonight  / The stars are brighter and my heart is lighter  / Waiting for the sight  / Of him who'll be my love tonight.  / Here am I.  /  Distant wind, whisp'ring in my ear  / Tells a tale of secret places.  / Share with me  / Mysteries of desire.  / Virgin rose, waiting to unfold  / Drops of dew, the tears of morning.  / Please don't cry,  / For soon the sky  / You'll behold.  /   / Here am I  / As i have been here, oh so many times before tonight.  / But, tonight the stars are brighter,  / And my heart is lighter  / Waiting for the sight  / Of him who'll be my love tonight.  / Here am I, here am i, here am I! 


In order to win him over to her side, Celestina throws Parmeno into bed with Areusa, and then wants to watch them make love. As they are reluctant, she sings the following number with the help of her minions, the Celestina Boys, who appear from under the bed. The singer is Barbara Blomberg. (Terrific New York character actress) The Celestina boys are Matt Dallmann, Ryan Vaughan, Michael Hurd, and Jerry Snee

In my many many many many years of life  / I've had many many many many lovers.  / And in those  / Many many many many years of life  / I've had lots and lots of fun under the covers  /  I guess you could say  / My bedpost  / Has racked up a notch or two  / But in all those many years  / I never have denied  / A trusted elder  / The chance to watch—  / Why don't you?  /  Let a sr. Citizen watch!  / Go ahead and grab him by his crotch.  / Don't be afraid  / That you're gonna botch it.  / (I'm here to give you pointers.)  / Let a sr. Citizen spy!  / Why don't ya tickle her  / Inner thigh?  / Never mind me,  / I'll only look with one eye. 


This recording is from the last staged reading in 2014--so you can hear some audience reaction. The song is based on the famous "puta vieja" scene where Parmeno warns Calisto about Celestina. The performers are Logan Mitchell as Parmeno, and Joseph Cannon as Calisto. The Accompanist is Joe Bousard.          

PARMENO  / Calisto, I am begging you!  Do not get involved with this… Celestina.  /  CALISTO  / But why, Parmeno, why?  / (music cue)  / PARMENO  / She's an old slut.  /  CALISTO  / What?!  /  PARMENO  / She's an old slut!  /  CALISTO  / Parmeno!  /  PARMENO  / She's an old slut old slut old slut old slut!  /  CALISTO  / Stop it!  Why do you keep saying that?  /PARMENO  / It’s the only way to describe her.  /  PARMENO  / She's walkin' down the street,  / A hundred women all about,  / Somebody she meets  / Is liable to shout,  / "there's the old slut old slut old slut old slut!"  / CALISTO  / That is no way to talk.  /  PARMENO  / Oh, no, she's proud of it.  /  She just turns, smiles, and says, "hi!"  / That's the name she goes by.  / 'Cause she's just an old slut.  / She's an old slut.  / She's an old slut old slut old slut old slut!  /  CALISTO  / She can’t be all that bad.  /  PARMENO  / Oh, yes she is!  I've known her for years.  / She'd do anything for a dollar or two;  / She held seances, she read tea leaves and tarot.  / She washed clothes and sewed,  / But what she really would do  / Was to get folks to stray from the straight and the narrow.  / She had all sorts of ladies she employed;  / There were girls to help out  / With the laundry and sewing,  / But, domestic work wasn't what they enjoyed--  / It was off to the bedrooms they really were going.  / It was a house of ill repute--  / Those girls were prostitutes!  / CALISTO  / So?  /  PARMENO  / So, she's an old slut  / Just an old slut  / She's an old slut old slut old slut old slut!  / CALISTO  / How do you know all this?  /  PARMENO  / My mother and I lived with her.  /  PARMENO  / She used to live in this scary old place.  / It was like a museum of the weird and demented.  / She had stuff in there prob'ly from outer space.  / I know, because one of her rooms we rented.  / She had all kinds of really nasty things,  / Like potions in tiny little bottles,  / And as she mixes them she sings  / As all 'round the pentagram she waddles.  / And then she'd (i'm on the level)  / She tried to conjure the devil.  / She thinks she's a witch.  /  but she's just an old slut.  / yep! she's an old slut.  / she's an old slut old slut old slut old slut.  /  CALISTO  / She’s not a witch.  /  PARMENO  / Oh, yes she is!  /  She had potions, lotions, pungent unguents  / bath beads, rag weeds,  / eye of newt, poisoned fruit,  / voo doo dolls, poodle balls,  / donkey brains, and badger feet…  /  (Music stops)  / CALISTO  / Stop it!  It’s too late.  Sempronio has gone to pick her up.  They’ll be here any minute.  So pull yourself together.  And be nice to her.  /   PARMENO  / May I just say one more thing?  / CALISTO  / Be brief.  / (music resumes)  /  PARMENO  / I know this sounds redundant  / and you think i'm in a rut,  / But she’s an old…  /  CALISTO  / Parmeno…  /  PARMENO  /  Old…  /  CALISTO  / You are warned!  /   PARMENO  /       Old…   / CALISTO  / Oh, for God’s sake, say it.  /  PARMENO  /  You know what! 


 After Parmeno and Sempronio are killed, Elicia and Areusa deal with the loss of their lovers in the song "Life Goes On."This demo features Mary Anne McKerrow as Elicia

AREUSA  / Oh, honey, don’t cry.  Things will get better.  Life goes on.  / (music cue)  /  ELICIA  / Yes, it does.  It certainly does.  / Life goes on  / Even after the person that you've been  / Living for is gone.  / Ev'ry time the phone rings, i think it might be him.  / And then, i just  / Let it ring.  I can answer by machine.  / My voice sounds just fine--  / Can't you hear me on the line?  / "this is me, but i'm not home.  / But if you'll leave your name  / I will try to respond to you.  / I'll be in touch when i get home."  / When you're gone,  / Aint it funny how quickly the world just  / Shrugs once--and then moves on?  / Maybe i'm naive,  / But it seems to me the shifting sands of time  / Ought to show at least the smallest little trace  / Of what has gone before.  / And yet it seems all sign of him has been erased.  / I'll move on,  / Just as soon as that ghost in the window  / Shimmers and is gone.  / When i pull the shade back  / I almost see his face in space.  / But i blink my eyes--  / And it's always a surprise,  / He was close enough to touch.  / God, i miss that face so much.  / This is me but i'm not home.  / And if you'll leave your name, then i will  / Try to respond to you.  / I'll be in touch  / When i get home.  / If i get home. 


This song happens in the scene where Areusa engages Centurio to take revenge on Calisto. Centurio is sung here by my good friend Kim Carrell. Elicia is Mary Anne Mckerrow, and Areusa is Julie Rowe 

AREUSA  / Do you think you're up to the job?  /   / (music cue)  / CENTURIO  /   / i'm a black belt (wah!)  / I was on a suicide squad in 'nam.  / i'm a killer. (and i've killed a lot.)  / i can even make a home-made pipe bomb.  /   / damn, i mean dang,  / shit, i mean poop,  / i'll wring his neck like a chicken  / and burn down his coop  / i would do anything for you, areusa,  / without even askin' "why?"  / just tell me one little thing, pretty mama--  / how ya want him to die?  /  ELICIA  / Well, we don't want him "killed" exactly.  /  AREUSA  / Let's let Centurio do what he thinks is best.  /  CENTURIO  /  I got weapons (i mean, a whole collection)  / of ev'ry shape and size  / i got devices (batteries not included)  / that'll really dazzle your eyes!  / damn, i mean dang!  / hell, i mean heck!  / i'll rip off his head and crap down his neck.  / i would do anything for you, areusa,  / you know i'm that kinda guy.  / just gimme one little bitty piece of information--  / how ya want him to die?  /  i got nunchucks, throwin' stars, samurai sword,  / hang him up by his neck with a bungee cord,  / or i could run the sum'bitch over  / with my sixty-seven ford!  / how ya want him to...   / Or, I could kill him with my bare hands!  /  I could crush his solar plexus  / or rip out his jug'lar vein.  / i could snap his neck real sudden,  / but that wouldn't cause much pain,  / or i could take my fist and bash his nose  / right up into his brain!  (i'm gonna eat his lunch.)  / i would do anything for you, areusa,  / in the 'lectric chair i'd fry.  / i'm your own pers'nal private homicidal maniac.  / how you want him to die?  / AREUSA  / I'll leave the details up to you.  Just be at Melibea's house on the old beach road at twelve o'clock midnight.  That's when Calisto will be arriving with his two men.  /  CENTURIO  / Two men?  You mean, he's gonna have two other guys with him?  /   / AREUSA  / That's what I said.  /  CENTURIO  /   / I’m kinda busy. (woh, look at the time!)  / i think i better be hittin' the road.  / to take on three guys  / (i'm used to fightin' whole gangs)  / would sorta be against my code.  / damn, I mean dang!  / shit, i mean shoot!  / you can get someone else 'cause you're real real cute.  / i would do anything for you, areusa...  /   / AREUSA  / well, i hope that's not a lie.  / but, if you don't think you're man enough to do it...   / Centurio  / How you 
want him to d - y - e, die? 


This lullaby is initially sung by Pleberio to Melibea and Lucrecia as he is putting them to bed. The song is sung again as a reprise by Melibea as she stands precariously on the wall of the garden. She warns her father to remain still and not say a word or she will jump. She confesses to him, apologizing for disappointing him, and sings their special lullaby as her good-bye to her father. And then jumps to her death. In these two recordings, Pleberio is sung by Bob Heitman, and Melibea is Marta Burton.

No more words, / And no more crying. / Lay your weary heart to rest. / When you wake the sun'll be shining, / And your fears will all be past. / So do not cling / To all your worries. / Oh, let them fly / Away from view. / If you fall asleep / While you are smiling, / Then your dreams / Will all come true. 


Images and Songs courtesy of Brad Bond

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Representación del Teatro Strehler, Milán, 2014Representación de Teatre en la Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu, Valencia, 2015Representación del Teatro de Calle, Salamanca, 2016Representación del Teatro Nacional del Guiñol, La Habana, 1963Representación del Teatro Lope de Vega de Mula, Murcia, 2014Representación de Corrales de Comedia Teatro, Almagro, 2016Cartel anunciadorCartel anunciadorRepresentación del Teatro Español, Madrid, 1940Cartel anunciadorRepresentación del Teatro del Aire, 1979-1984MAdrid_16_cartel.jpgsevilla_2008_1.jpgcartel.jpgcalisto_melibea.jpgRepresentación del Teatro el Público, La Habana, 2002.Representación de Madrid, 1909Representación de Theatre Sarah Bernhardt, Paris, 1958.Representación de Ojos de agua, Madrid, 2015Representación del Miracle Theatre Group, Portland, 2013.Representación del Teatro Fernán Gómez, Madrid, 2012.Representación del teatro de Espada de Madera, Madrid, 2011.Representación del Teatro el Público, La Havana, 2011.Representación del Teatro Círculo, Nueva York, 2008.Representación del Zampanó teatro, Madrid, 2006.Representación de la Nau de Sagunt, Barcelona, 2004.Representación del Edinburgh International Festival, Edimburgo, 2004.Representación del Dartmouth Department of Theater, 2002.Representación de Calisto, historia de un personaje, Madrid, 2001.Representación del festival de Cáceres, 1999.Representación del festival de Cáceres, 1999.Representación de Estocolmo, 1998.Representación del Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid, 2008.Representación de la Compañía Guirigai, Madrid, 1997.Representación del Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires, 1994.Representación de Santiago de Chile, 1992.Representación de Ballet España, Madrid, 1990.Representación del Bilingual Foundation of Art's Little Theatre, Los Angeles, 1992.Representación del Theater Basel, Basilea, 1992.Representación del Teatro Repertorio Clásico Mundial, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1990.Representación para el Festival D'Avignon, 1989.Representación del Edinburgh International Festival, 1989.Representación del festival de Grec-89, Barcelona, 1989.Representación del teatro Quirino, Roma, 1998Representación de la Compañía nacional de teatro clásico, Madrid, 1988.Representación del festival de Almagro, 1988.Representación de Amberes, 1987-88.Representación de Roma, 1979.Representación del Teatro Reina Victoria, Madrid, 1967.Representación de la universidad de Puerto Rico, 1958.Representación del Teatro Español de México, 1953-1960.Representación de la Fundación Rajatabla, Gira 1987-1989.Representación de The Citizen's Theatre, 1986.Representación del Teatro Condal, 1985.Representación de Nuffield Theatre, 1983Representación del Teatro de la nación del IMSS, 1982.Representación de Madrid, 1965.Representación de Madrid Teatro de Bellas Artes, 1965Representación del Teatro Municipal, Santiago de Chile, 1949Representación de Almagro, 1984Representación de El Escorial, 1982.Representación de Lieja, 1981.Opera posterFigurines from Mother Celestina's dust (Los polvos de la madre Celestina), de Mestres (1868).Performance by Barcelona, 1995.Performance by Almagro, 1996.