Seville, 1513-15



Seville, 1513-15






Illustration of one of the problematic copies of the supposed 1502 edition, actually 1513-15, Cromberger, This copy includes the usual illustration for the execution plus this one of a servant taken to the gallows. It looks as it had been taken from another book. However, some elements, such as the presence of judge, the executioner with an alfanje sword and the ladder are clearly related to the Celestina tradition of representing this scene.


This copy is at the University of MIchigan: [Jacobo Cromberger, c. 1513-1515]. William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan PQ 6426 .A1 1502?

Description in Norton, A Descriptive Catalogue, No. 878. (pág. 322). Also the Penney citation, pg. 96-7 en The book Called Celestina in the library of the Hispanic Society of America.

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