A Procuress and two Lovers, by Paret (1784)

The Celestina and the lovers by Paret, (1784)


A Procuress and two Lovers, by Paret (1784)


Paret y Alcázar, Luis (1746-1799)




"The Celestine is represented holding sideburnless glasses, typical of previous times in her left hand. In her right she holds an ancient rosary, made up of three dozen beads and topped with a medal instead of a crucifix, perhaps of the Virgin or of Saint Antón, with whom it seems rather that she is going to time the amount of time the young couple will spend in the room. She is sitting on an armchair, with a missing left armrest and with a deteriorated leather backrest a typology that, although present in Paret's time, speaks to us of past times. The same happens with her clothing, since she wears a peaked cap that was in fashion at the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century. She is also wearing a large doublet sleeves with brahones that encircle her upper arms, typical of the same time period. She covers her legs with a basquiña and an apron that in the 18th century would have become a decorative garment." (Translated description from the National Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain,
https://www.museodelprado.es/coleccion/obra-de-arte/la-celestina-y-los-enamorados/5199b371-b9aa-41b8-a181-175fec685a2f, Archived in:


Watercolor on laid paper.
Dimensions: 41 × 30 cm

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