Presentation of La Paca Theater, Jaén (2016-2017)

Presentación del Teatro La Paca, Jaén (2016-2017)


Presentation of La Paca Theater, Jaén (2016-2017)


XXIV Theater Campaign for Educational Centers




Scenes of Women: "Fuenteovejuna" "Othello" "La Celestina" and other emblematic works ranging from the Greeks to Lorca, will help us to reflect on the problems of women in our society. Laurencia, Desdemona, Melibea, Ifigenia, Doña Rosita la soltera, Lisístrata and Yerma, are the women who inhabit crucial dramas and comedies in the history of theater and who will allow us to glimpse a panorama around the social consideration and the vicissitudes of various women from different eras, but whose themes are universal and timeless, which will allow us to analyze through an entertaining and fun mechanism of theater within the theater, about burning and current issues in man-woman relationships.


Image from La Paca Theater Facebook (28 March 2016)

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