Love Scene, by Romano (1525, c.)

Love Scene, by Romano (1525, c.)


Love Scene, by Romano (1525, c.)


Romano, Giulio (Giulio Pippi) (c. 1499-1546)


1525, c.


"This painting done by Giulio Romano is a visual narrative of Alexander, his lover Roxanne, and an old woman (or procuress). Here, we see two lovers embracing each other about to share a tender kiss as an old woman with her jingling keys peeks around the corner to check in on the progress. The two lovers are locked in a stare of sensual acknowledgment and nothing can absolve them. The iconography of this painting is full of narrative and a sensual driving force. As Roxanne tries to pull the sheets over her lover, Alexander pulls her closer into his perfect arms and idealized body. The slippers on the step stool as well as the nightgown near the lovers bed gives the bedroom a passionate atmosphere of the heated moment. As the lovers draw closer, the viewer can almost hear the creaking wooden bed shifting weight, and the crinkling sheets underneath the statuesque bodies. Romano details every sensory moment of the scene from the creases in the curtains, to the thin wisps of Roxanne’s hair that floats across Alexander’s chest." (Text extracted from:


Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 163 × 337 cm

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