Barcelona (1841)

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Rojas, Fernando de. La Celestina, ó Calixto y Melivea. Barcelona: Tomás Gorchs, 1841 and 1842.

Contains three (four) anonymous illustrations with a romantic tone. The first, from the banquet from act IX, is curiously placed at the beginning of the book and not in its right place. There is also a small cupid as the colophon of the chapters. However, the edition from the BN R-12277 contains another image that illustrates act VII, Pármeno and Sempronio's visit to Areúsa's house. Is this a case of censorship of this image because of its content en some copies or has it simply been ripped from the page? It should be verified if this difference es between the 1841 and 1842 editions. Another possibility is that the engravings were initially in looseleaf form, which were given when the book was bought.

Some images of cupids as the chapter colophons.

Digitalized on Google Books (oct. 2015) from a copy with an ex libris from the Diputación Provincial de Barcelona. This edition is from 1841, with only three engravings, but it curiously has on the cover on Google the engraving that is missing, act VII's.