Antwerp (1574)

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Celestina, een Tragicomedie van Calisto ende Melibea... : Heyndric Heyndricz, 1574.

Anonymous Dutch translation.

Most illustrations are rotated copies of illustrations in Zaragoza (1545) but of a less careful realization. Very similar to Amberes, 1616, which is even less careful.

Source: Library of Congress, PQ6427.DS 1574 Rosenwald Coll.

There are copies in the British Library, among these  UIN: BLL01000574002

USTC lists 1574 y 1580In total there are four Dutch translations, all four illustrated with the same images: 1550 (Hans de Laert), 1574,  1580, 1616. See Kathleen Kish, "Celestina en Amberes"