Varia celestinesca


Varia celestinesca


Various materials (stamps, sculptures, comics, etc.) related to the tradition of La Celestina

Representation "Pollos, tórtolas y perniles. Almuerzo en casa de La Celestina" in the Liceo Theatre, Salamanca, 2022
Play "Pollos, tórtolas y perniles. Almuerzo en casa de La Celestina" ("Chickens, turtledoves and perniles. Lunch at Celestina's house"), produced byEdulogic Producciones S.L. by the company EduLogic Producciones. Premiered on June 2, 2022 at the…

The Temptations of Saint Anthony Abad, by Patinir and Massys (1520, c.)
Table representing the temptations of Saint Anthony Abad. In the painting San Antonio appears surrounded by three young women tempting the saint and an old woman. The old woman appears with her breasts exposed and can act as a procuress for the young…

La Celestina comic, school work, by La Milagrosa Ikastetxea school (2018)
La Celestina comic, school work made by: Maite Cuesta, Mikel Morales, María Saiz, Judith Asenjo in Language and literature by the La Milagrosa Ikastetxea school.

"Melibea a las nueve. Un viaje de cuento", Celestine Festival, La Puebla de Montalbán, by Jota López (2022)
Representation "Melibea a las nueve. Un viaje de cuento" ("Melibea at nine. A fairytale journey"), Festival Celestina - La España de Rojas ("Celestina Festival - The Spain of Rojas"), La Puebla de Montalbán, Toledo, August 27, 2022.Author: Ángel…

"Los polvos de la madre Celestina", Teatro Español, Madrid, 1922
Image and caricature of the play "Mother Celestina's Powders" ("Los polvos de la madre Celestina"), Teatro Español, Madrid, 1922, remade by Angel Torres del Alamo and Antonio Asenjo.Author: Juan EugenioHartzenbuschRemake by: Angel Torres del Alamo…

Cover of The Repulsive Celestine, by Seventinain (2022)
Fictional cover of La Repulsiva Celestina ("The Repulsive Celestine") by Fernando de Rojas, prepared by Seventinain insuperhero style.In the image appears a woman dressed in black, with a cape, skirt and stockings and with blue hair that represents…

Mother Celestina, by anonymous (1977)
Festas Gordas del Vino y del Tocino, by Miguel Romero Esteo.

Puppet of a woman with a covered head representing Mother Celestina.

Celestina del Ampurdán, by anonymous (1975)
Puppet in the play Les Aventures d'en Malic("Malic's adventures").Puppet doll of an old woman in a red dress representing the celestina.

Dance, by Canals (1896, c.)
The image shows a group of people sitting around a figure in the center dancing. Among the seated people is a man on the left, several women dressed in blue and red, and an old woman with her head covered and playing the guitar reminiscent of…

Woman smoking, by Canals (1900, c.)
Original title: Femme fumant ("Woman smoking").

In the image appear two young women in a bar. One of the young women appears with a cigarette in her mouth while the other lights the cigarette for her. The blurred image in the background on the…

The Flower Seller, by Canals (1900, c.)
In the image appears a man sitting at a table surrounded by young women. Next to the man appears a woman visibly older than the rest of the women selling flowers. The flower seller is a symbolic celestina as she is offering to choose a beauty-flower…

Going to the party or a walk after the race, by Canals (1900, c.)
Original title: Se rendant à la fête ou Promenade après la course ("Going to the party or a walk after the race").

In the image appear four young women dressed in regional dresses and mantillas. They are in a field surrounded by men and women…

Celestina negotiating the dowry, by anonymous (1914)
In the image appears an old woman with her head covered talking to a man. On the left and with her back towards the two characters appears a woman. The image was published in the foreign humor section of the magazine, so the clothing of the…

School of the "sisters", by anonymous (1902)
In the image appears an old man with a hat and a club and an old woman with a hat reminiscent of Celestina. They are both in front of a building that, from the joke that appears below the image, it is understood that it is a school that the old woman…

Celestina as Mrs Lent, by anonymous (1886)
In the image appears an old woman reminiscent of Celestina with her head covered, holding a club and what looks like a rosary hanging from her hip. On the left is a human body with the head of a donkey and a guitar on his shoulder. On the donkey's…

Celestina telling a story to two children, by anonymous (1886)
In the drawing appears an old woman with her head covered, reminiscent of Celestina, talking to two children. From the word that appears in the image "Stories", the image can be interpreted as an old woman telling a story to two children. The gesture…

Celestina on a donkey, by anonymous (1862)
The image contains two scenes; the first image shows a carnival scene where elegantly dressed men and women appear with some of them wearing masks. In the second image, people appear in disguise and with instruments such as umbrellas or brooms. In…

Logo of La Celestina Studio, México (2018)
The logo of this graphic design company contains a capital C from which two crossed female legs come out with red flat shoes. On the left, the name of the company "La Celestina". The C in the logo is a reference to her name and the female legs can…

Calisto and Melibea tattoo, by anonymous (2022)
Codex Manesse tattoo that the person got for its reference to Calisto and Melibea, as suggested by the cover of Esther Borrego's edition of Celestina (Cover of the Cooperación Editorial edition: Madrid, 2002) and the Bookmark Calisto and Melibea,…

Mr Emilio Castelar dressed as Celestina, by anonymous (1894)
In the drawing appears Mr Emilio Castelar dressed as Celestina, with a mustache, dress, shoes and his head covered. Underneath the drawing appears the following text (translated):"Ms Emilia (Celestina) after working so hard to position Venturita came…

La Celestina corrupts Barcelona, political joke, by Picarol (1906)
Three figures appear in the drawing, a man with a mustache and elegant clothing, a young woman and an old woman with a mustache and her head covered. The young woman represents the city of Barcelona, the old woman represents the procuress Celestina…

La Celestina's genre, by Rubén (2022)
In the drawing appears an old woman with her head covered, a fork in her hand and looking up. At the top is an animal in a cloud with discontinued lines on the body. The drawing seems to represent, with the image of the different cuts of meat, the…

The fight, by Alenza y Nieto (1840, c.)
Interior scene where four figures appear. A young woman seated to the right, an old woman with her head covered and a club next to the young woman, a man standing in front of the young woman, and a child lying on the ground next to the young woman.…

Broken Eggs, by Greuze (1756)
Indoor scene. Four characters appear in it, a young woman sitting on the ground, a man standing next to her, an old woman with her head covered and pointing to a basket with eggs (one is broken) and a small child on the right. The scene is…

The Greengrocer, by Mieris (1731)
In the image two figures appear, a young woman and an old woman, in an arch surrounded by fruits and vegetables. The old woman appears with her head covered and pointing to one of the vegetables for the young woman. Although the painting itself may…

Vertumnus and Pomona, by Mieris (1725)
The image shows two women in an outdoor scene, Vertumnus and Pomona. The young woman (Pomona) is shown with one of her breasts uncovered and picking fruit as she looks at the old woman. The old woman, in this painting representing Vertumnus, is…

Celestina in the comic strip El rapto de la Sabina, by Pons (1891)
The comic strip in the second image reproduces The Kidnapping of the Sabine Woman. In the first image, which is a fragment of the comic strip, you can see an old woman and in the description she is referred to as Celestina. It is this figure that…

Celestine antibodies carrying a lymphocyte T cell toward the tumor and presenting it to it, by Wearbeard (2021)
The illustration shows a heart nailed in a mass that represents a tumor, and a blue channel that connects the two with a figure of an old woman reminiscent of Celestina. This illustration represents how the so-called celestine antibodies work. These…

Caricature of La Celestina, by Flórez Herrera (2014)
In the caricature, a woman appears pointing to a building where a sign appears that says "Celesti Coop." The woman represents Celestina. Under the caricature appears the quote "¡Si trabajando en mi casa vivía como una reina, cómo sería hoy con una…

Caricatures of Celestina in the satirical newspaper Don Junípero from the 19th century, by anonymous, Cuba (1862)
Two caricatures appear in the newspaper. Both are in the headline of the newspaper that is repeated in subsequent issues. In the black and white caricature an old woman with her head covered appears, who may represent the procuress (first image). The…

Coasters from La Celestina wine bar, brewery and restaurant, by anonymous (2000, c.)
Coasters from La Celestina wine bar, brewery and restaurant, in Santander Street, 6, Burgos, Spain. Celestina's face and the name "La Celestina" appear on the coasters with ice cubes in the background.

Scene with Celestina, by anonymous (1900, c.)
Calisto and Melibea appear in the scene looking at each other outside a house. Melibea looks out the window while Calisto appears outside and looking at her. In the window on the right, Celestina appears looking at Calisto and Melibea.

Calendar advertisement for Los polvos de la madre Celestina, by Blanquel (1857)
The image is probably a lithograph of a scene from the play performed at the Gran Teatro Nacional (of Mexico), of which six magic scenes are said to be included in this calendar (calendar of Los polvos de la madre Celestina) announced to be sold in…

Poster of the representation ¡Redención para Pármeno! (Reflexiones sin cabeza) ("Redemption for Pármeno! (Headless reflections)"), by Gálvez (2021)
Poster of the representation ¡Redención para Pármeno! (Reflexiones sin cabeza) ("Redemption for Pármeno! (Headless reflections)") at theXXIII Celestina Festival, Puebla de Montalbán (Toledo) from August 26 to 29, 2021. Premier on August 27 in Silo…

Poster of the representation En busca de Calisto y Melibea ("In search of Calisto and Melibea"), by Giménez and Jifer (2021)
Poster of the representationEn busca de Calisto y Melibea ("In search of Calisto and Melibea") at the XXIII Celestina Festival, Puebla de Montalbán (Toledo) from August 26 to 29, 2021. Premier on August 28 in Patio del Palacio de los Condes de…

Dollhouse Lock, Garganta la Olla, Extremadura (1550, c.)
The first image shows the lock of a house in Garganta la Olla, Extremadura (Spain), which is the lock of an old brothel or public house that is preserved in this town, located very close to Yuste, so it is believed that it was frequented by the guard…

Drawing of Celestina, by Cilantro (2021)
The first image shows Celestina with a cauldron, alluding to the spell that the character performs in act III. The second image shows Celestina surrounded by trees.

Graffiti  in Castrogonzalo (Zamora), by anonymous (2019, c.)
Graffiti of Calisto, Melibea and Celestina in Castrogonzalo, Zamora, Spain. Calisto and Melibea appear lying with their heads towards the center, while Celestina appears in the middle of the two as if joining them.

Cover of the Carlos Slim Foundation: México, 2020, c.
Celestina painted in watercolor appears as the cover of this version of Carlos Slim Foundation, México.

Apollo and Leucothoe, by Picart (1730, c.)
"Night scene in interior, with Apollo, in the guise of the old woman Eurynome, caressing Leucothoe's chin; in ornate frame, with heads of Diana and Apollo, printed from a separate plate" (Description from The British Museum, London, UK,…

Models of La Celestina, by students of the Institute of secondary education Saint Elizabeth of Hungary (2021)
The photograph represents the models of the work La Celestina by Fernando de Rojas made by the students of the Institute of secondary education Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Temptation, by Rozentāls (1913)
Rozentāls's watercolor drawing (Image 1), represents a naked young woman under an apple tree and a snake coiled around the trunk looking at the young woman. The image is reminiscent of the biblical scene of Eve, the serpent and the apple of…

Cover of A high ranking casino, by Torrenueva (1803)
Cover of A high ranking casino ("Un casino de alto rango"), by Torrenueva, The exquisite novel ("La novela exquisita") (erotic novel), Madrid 20s, No. 80. Illustrations by Pan.

Two women are represented on the cover. One of them (the youngest) is…

Plaque commemorating the place where the first edition of La Celestina was printed in Burgos (1500, c.)
The plaque commemorates Fadrique de Basilea's workshop, and the place where the first edition of La Celestina was printed.The plaque reads: "En esta Casa estuvieron los Talleres de Fadrique de Basileay Juan de Burgos, impresores. 1483-1489. De aquí…

Callisto praying to see Melibea, by Garci-Gómez (2020)
The illustration represents Callisto lying on a bed praying. At the top left corner, Melibea appears represented as an illusion. This representation is a good example of the reading that interprets the meeting as a dream.For more information see:…

"The flight of Calixto" Artistic dream for the Melibea Garden in Salamanca, by d’Ors (2010)
Description of the work by the author: "As you may have seen on my website, I work from mythology considering this endless source for reflection on who we are and the latent aspirations of every human being. That is, as archetypes of human behavior.…

La Celestina pizzeria and bar, Cali, Colombia (2020)
Image of the menu of the pizzeria and bar La Celestina in Av 8N Calle 15N, Cali, Valle del Cauca (Colombia).

Fight for life, by Torre y Estefanía (1895)
"The academic culture of the Spanish 19th century introduced the concept of decency in the representation of the female nude. During the Restoration, the images of women who, due to economic necessity, were forced to pose naked for the artists…

ONCE lottery ticket, 550 years of Fernando de Rojas' birth (2020)
ONCE and "Festival Celestina. La España de Rojas" lottery coupon to commemorate the 550th anniversary of Fernando de Rojas' birth .

Poster for the Celestina Festival. The Spain of Rojas (La España de Rojas) (2020)
Poster for the Celestina Festival 2020, where works of various artists will be performed, among these the work of Teo Puebla.

Game card of Don Juan, Doña Inés and Brígida (Evaristo Juncosa, 1930 c.)
Card of the six of swords representing Brígida convincing Doña Inés that Don Juan is in love with her. The swords are used to represent her pain in the tradition of the heart of Mary of Sorrows.

Celestina ??, by Schonberg (1960, c.)
Portrait of an alleged ancestor of Roderick Usher in Vincent Price's movie adaptation of Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher (1960). The painting seems to be inspired by Picasso's famous Celestina of 1903. Schonberg meet Picasso in Paris and seem to…

Black Spain, by Regoyos (1899)
Old woman by a fire with a bellow.Noice the similarity to 1929,La chiquita piconera de Romero de Torres

Poster of the Festival of La Celestina, Puebla de Montalbán (2019) and previous years
Poster of the 21st Celestina Festival that each year takes place in Puebla de Montalbán, where Fernando de Rojas was born. Several activities and performances take place during the festival. The picture in the poster is from one of these…

Engraving of a procuress from Auto da Barca do Inferno, by Gil Vicente (1586)
Engraving from the Complete workds of Gild Vicente, 1586. The character on the right is the procuress Brizida Vaz, which is inspired in Celestina. The othe two character may be the simpleton or fool Joane and one of the four knights in the story. The…

Engraving of Celestina, by Hijo (2019)
Engraving of Celestina, description by author: ¨El último encargo de 2018 lo hizo @carlos_disfruta y fue esta #Celestina para regalar a @Aradhriel. Me sonaba que ella había interpretado al personaje. Así era, así que basé el diseño en su propia…

The procuress whipped, with a crest on her head, by Mitelli (c. 1696)
Engraving depicting a procuress on a donkey, whipped while wearing a crest. An inscription in Italian reads: The procuress whipped while wearing a crest on her head, Bologna, June 1696.

The Procuress, by Rosso (1885)
Original Italian statue titled La ruffiana.

Tin bas-relief of a Celestina type scene, by anonymous (1900, c.)
Bas reliefi in tin of a plate to hang. It represents a scene of lovers in a garden and an older woman looking upon them from a window. It may be part of the Celestina tradition, but this exact distribution of the characters is not traditional.

Poster of he Market of Celestina, Puebla de Montalban (2018)
Poster announcing the celebration of a public market within the annual celebrations of the yearly Celestina Festival organized by the city of Puebla de Montalban

Procuress publicly punished, magazine Fray Verdades (1909)
A procuress being publicly displayed and punished. A daughter of Celestina is watching the event

Bookmark Calisto and Melibea, Codex Manesse (2018, c.)
Bookmark with an image of a couple taken from the Codex Manesse (Zurich, 1304) and the words describing love in La Celestina "it is a hidden fire" etc

Eclogue of Placida and Vitoriano, by Encina (1518, c.)
Same illustration used for the argument opening Fadrique de Basilea's Burgos 1499 edition of the Comedia de Calisto y Melibea.

Other title: Egloga nueuame[n]te trobada por juan d[e]l enzina : En la qual se introduzen dos enamorados llamada ella…

Poster of editions of La Celestina and Lazarillo, Academia Mexicana (2018)
Poster of a conference in which editions of La Celestina and El Lazarillo will be announced.
Image of Celestina taking from one of the early illustrated editions to which a child, presumably Lazarillo, has been added.

Postal stamp of the Festival La Celestina, by FNMT (2018)
Postal stamp commemorating the Festival La Celestina that takes place in La Puebla de Montalban, the town in Toledo province where Fernando de Rojas was born. The festival takes place every year. The stamp is a red and white version of part of the…

Romance of Count Claros, by Varesio (1593, c.)
Original title: Romance del Conde Claros de Moltauan : con vn villancico pastoril al cabo, muy gracioso ("Romance of Count Claros from Montalban: with a pastoral carol at the end, very funny").

Same engraving as the one Fadrique de Basilea used in…

La Celostina, Mexican television character (2000)
Sketches del programa cómico La Hora Pico de El Canal del las Estrellas, México. En cada historia Celestina sale con un hombre diferente, pero nunca falta que malinterprete las acciones de su pareja al estar con otra mujer (viéndola, hablándole) y se…

Calligraphic rendering of the words La Celestina, Ceibe (2014)
Elaborate calligraphic rendering of the words La Celestina in a style that has reminiscences of Miro and Lorca´s drawings

Wine Celestina, Argentina
Wine label with a young woman,. It does not seem to be relate to the literary character of Celestina, especially because it is an Argentinian wine and the Italina connection is more likely.

Cover of Gilman´s The Spain of Fernando de Rojas
. 1978. Literatura española. ¿Rojas, Fernando de? 7 Celestina.06 (860 ¿Rojas, Fernando de? 7 Celestina.06) 21 cm. 534 p., 1 h. Encuadernación en tapa blanda de editorial ilustrada. Colección Persiles , numero…

Celestina in three vignettes, by Antonio (2008)
Three vignettes of a comic of Celestina using an online program for this kind of creations. Made for pedagogical use

Cover of the Third Celestina, by  Gómez de Toledo, 1539
Cover page in which the execution of Celestina is depicted

Cover proposal of La Celestina, by González (2016, c.)
Traditional technique, employing ink on parchment paper. One can observe the procuress with a glass in which she carries out her spells.

Mask of La Celestina, by Yamaguchi (2011)
A mask inspired by Celestina, by Picasso (1904) and displayed in the exhibit Traditions Transfigured: The Noh Masks of Bidou Yamaguchi in the Asia Society Texas Center of Houston, February of 2015. Materials used: Japanese Cypress, shell, natural…

Illustration of La Segunda Celestina, by Salazar y Torres (1994)
Illustration of the Second Act, Scene XXI.
Celestina tricks don Luis with the reflection of a mirror so that don Diego can safely leave doña Beatriz's house.

Cover of the Second Comedy of La Celestina, by Silva (1968)
Original title: Segunda comedia de Celestina ("Second Comedy of La Celestina").

Cover by Alberto Corazón. Madrid : Ciencia Nueva, D. L. 1968.
Illustration of two young lovers which recalls various cover pages of La Celestina of the era.

Cover of the Second Comedy of La Celestina, by Silva (1988)
Original title: Segunda comedia de Celestina ("Second Comedy of La Celestina").

Cover of the Consolación Baranda edition. Letras Hispánicas collection nº 284.
Showing Celestina "resurrected".

Illustration of Celestina&#039;s drugstore, by Mérida Jiménez (2004)<br />
Celestina looking for ingredients for her conjurations

Illustration of Celestina, by Hijo (2003)<br />
Illustration of Celestina which appears in the book Leyendas, milagros y rumores extraordinarios de la ciudad de Salamanca. Amarú, 2003.

Illustration of La Celestina, by Hijo (2017)<br />
Illustration from the newspaper El día de Salamanca

Illustrations of La Celestina, by Jaimes Serrano (2015)<br />
Celestina's spell on Areúsa, Calisto and Melibea

Painting of Sempronio, by Percara (2017)<br />
Sempronio, (and Pármeno?)Acrylic painting inspired on Calisto's servant.

Photograph of La Celestina, by Emotional Books (2017)<br />
Emotional books is a proyect that joins literature and photography through the staging of the selected play.

Tile of La Celestina (2016 c.)<br />
Sign of José Luis Gallo Street in Talavera de la Reina, Spain

Illustration of Melibea, by AETOS (2013)
Drawing of the love of Calisto and Melibea. Image that appeared on the blog "Día a día" of the newspaper Periódico El Mercurio, Santiago de Chile.

Note that the illustration of Melibea seems to correspond more to the model of Doña Inés del don…

Romance of the  Queen of Troy,  with a gloss (1530 c.)
This image is a leaf from a romance of 8 pages in the National Library of Spain of a : illustration comes from act XIV of the Burgos 1499…

Preliminary sketches for a play, by Barkhin (1987)
Sketches for the presentation of "Celestina" by director Yuri Semenovich Kopylov. Saratov Drama Theater.

Representation of El canónigo y la alcahueta, by the Kellergeister Theater, Frankfurt (2014)
Title: The procuress and the canon. (La alcahueta y el canónigo (Der Domherr und die Kupplerin))A farse of Carnaval (Fastnacthspiel) from the Middle Ages in Nuremberg.

Comic of La Celestinaby Rojas, with illustrations by Dodanim and separate text by P&eacute;rez (2016)
Children's book format with an illustrated page and a brief narration of the events from the preceding page.

Comic from La Celestinaby Rojas, with illustrations by Alamavona (2016)
Comic fromLa Celestinacreated by Irina Alamanova's students.

Comic fromLa Celestinaby Rojas, with illustrations byPerera Sarmiento (2002)
Adaptation, photos and ilustrations by Antonio Perera Sarmiento
Design and layout by Miguel A. Perera Alonso
Ediciones Témpora Madrid 2002

Dresses inspired by La Celestina, de la Rosa (2014)<br />
Photographer: Maximo Arroyo.
Photography assistant: Rosibell Rivera.
Make up & hair: Antonio Aguado.
Stylist: Jorge de la Rosa.
Wardrobe: Jorge de la Rosa collection.
Model: Angela Gomez de Olea.

The Dress:
Made in three pieces, skirt,…